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Dealer Opportunities


We invite you to join Australia’s largest free alternative to online vehicle advertising.

Since 1993 Autoline Dealer Services have been working hard to assist with the location, financing and insurance of motor vehicles, striving to provide both buyers and sellers with a complete solution.  In 2004 we made our mark in the online world and established Autoline.com.au. Since that time we have become the fastest growing free online vehicle classifieds service in Australia. Today we work hard to promote over 850 dealers nation wide, with thousands of visitors daily browsing through over 35,000 vehicles on offer. Autoline.com.au is fast building a name for itself as the most trusted solution for online vehicle advertising.

Advantages for dealers listing on Autoline

  • Each vehicle can be accompanied by up to 5 colour photos at no cost.
  • Vehicles remain on the site until sold.
  • Unlimited, free, email enquiries from prospective buyers.
  • All vehicles listed link to a showroom featuring dealer's entire stock.
  • Add full description with custom formatting similar to that in word processors.
  • Make unlimited changes to the description, bullet list of features and change the price with one keystroke.
  • Include a logo and introductory text (e.g. company description) which will be displayed in the showroom.
  • Reference your vehicles listed on Autoline from a newspaper or other classifieds website using a very short and easy to type address (example: www.autoline.com.au/6FYN)
  • Access to Australia's largest FREE, independently owned, vehicle classifieds site, with web traffic that has quadrupled in the last 12 months.

Premium Listings

In addition to advantages available in the standard listing above, you also have the option to:

  • Attach up to 12 colour photos.
  • Feature a vehicle on the front page of Autoline for a total of 20,000 page impressions.
  • Receive up to 5 free SMS enquiries from prospective buyers ($1 per message thereafter).
  • Vehicle listing receives automatic priority on a search page. Make sure that visitors to the site see your listing first!

Auto Trader Finance

Whilst we appreciate many dealerships already have finance facilities in place, we also understand that there are some deals that just don’t fit into mainstream lending. Auto Trader Finance has been established for 15 years and has been successful in providing finance solutions for hundreds of dealerships Australia-wide. Should you see a need for a service that complements your existing finance arrangements by providing more opportunities to secure sales, please feel free to contact us.

How easy is it?

Your dealership could be just a few clicks away from embedding your stock on Autoline, and at $0 down, that’s a few moments well spent. Contact us today and we’ll show you how to get started.

Email: contact@autoline.com.au
Phone: 08 9472 9700
Fax: 08 9472 9711

At Autoline we’re proud of the service we offer, but it doesn’t stop there, we’re always looking for ways to improve and develop our product. The future is definitely bright as we head into 2006 gathering momentum. Thanks again for your support.