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Southern Storm

Portable.NET, the core component of the DotGNU project, is a suite of tools designed for building and running .NET applications and web services. The project includes a complete software development kit, runtime engine, and libraries (focused on compatibility with the ECMA specifications).

The software development kit includes compilers for C# and C and class libraries allowing you to develop new .NET applications or migrate your legacy applications to .NET using the Portable.NET C libraries.


Portable.NET Mini Runtime for Windows

The Portable.NET 'mini runtime' contains all necessary components for running existing graphical and console applications. This package does not include developer tools such as compilers or development headers and libraries.

Download Portable.NET Mini Runtime 0.7.0

Other Platforms

Red Hat/Fedora


Download the complete source code for Portable.NET from Southern Storm Software


Complete Portable.NET documentation is available here.


This document lists changes for Portable.NET and Portable.NET Library. You can find the original announcement here

Portable.NET 0.7.2

(17 August 2005)

Runtime Engine

  • Manual register allocation in CVM for x86-64 (Gopal V).
  • Fix lookup logic for nested class names (Klaus Treichel).
  • Fix deserialization of arrays (Klaus Treichel).


  • Missing newline in error message (Deryk Robosson).


  • Texinfo bug in pnetasm.texi (Rainer Gr��linger).
  • Update cvmdoc.py to use Pythons re module (Rainer Gr��linger).

Platform Support

  • BeOS thread support (Deryk Robosson).


  • Fix type-punned alias warnings (Klaus Treichel).
  • Update libgc to version 6.5 and apply our custom mods (Klaus Treichel).
  • Update version of libffi to the latest (Klaus Treichel).
  • Fix CSAntDirCombine and filename expansion on Win32 (Klaus Treichel).

Portable.NET Library 0.7.2

(17 August 2005)

System.Windows.Forms and System.Drawing

  • API compatibility fixes to NotifyIcon (Deryk Robosson).
  • Improve the look of text and scrollbars under Win32 (Kirill Kononenko).
  • Wrong toolkit used in font code (Deryk Robosson).
  • ColorTranslator.ToHtml and FromHtml (Robert Lascelle).
  • Fix the icon loading in SystemIcons (Deryk Robosson).
  • Non-opaque background colors (Marc Haisenko).
  • Optimise Frame.Scale for scaling to the same size (Marc Haisenko).
  • 32argb support in ShrinkBmp (Marc Haisenko).
  • Theme support for DrawSizeGrip (Deryk Robosson).
  • Enable the SetColorMatrix methods (Deryk Robosson).


  • mplement missing functions in Strings class (Robert Lascelle).


  • Test cases for attributes (Klaus Treichel).


  • Add newl's graphic to the dining developers example (Deryk Robosson).
  • Install bug on MingGW (Klaus Treichel).
  • Fix erroneous TODO markers (Deryk Robosson).
  • Fixes to Hashtable (Russell Stuart).

ml-pnet 0.7.2

(17 August 2005)

  • Add IBM.Data.DB2 to ml-pnet (Klaus Treichel).
  • Handle movement of Mono's TODOAttribute class (Klaus Treichel).
  • Exclude conflicting code in tests and LDAP code (Klaus Treichel).